Indian Bride

Updated: Mar 21

Indian bride & her feeling on her wedding day

On the wedding day when a Indian Bride sits beside her soon to be husband in front of fire and god she only wish for:

That her husband would be enough supportive and understanding,

She will receive all the love and attention that she deserve and to have a healthy relationship.

To have her own family and her husband to be as doted father and loving husband.

She also looks forward to live and enjoy the life to the fullest without unnecessary issues and conflicts.

Her marriage and relationship with this new family is exemplary for all.

Her husband to be like her father because for girls their father is always a role model.

She never wants a relationship which is confusing and uncertain. She wants a relationship which is enough strong to face ups and down and still as firm as stone.

Moreover she just want love form her husband and her new family.

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